how to make crochet baby shoes

Pattern : --we start making the base of the shoe watching it the chart
initially  initially we do 13 chain
1 row - start with 3 chain - 3dc(double crochet) in the stitch,the next work 11 dc in each chain,reaching at the other  end of the other chain ,work  8 dc in st  , again  11 dc  of the over chain.                                 2 row -  3 chain - 1dc in the st, in the next dc work * 2 dc in the stitch* repeat until another two times ,again 11 dc,8 times repeat until *2dc in the st* , 11 double crochet ,4 times repeat until *2dc in the st* slip stitch.
3 row - 3 chain -1dc in the stitch , 1 dc , repeat 3 times until *2dc in the st -1dc* , 11 dc,8 times repeat until *2dc in the stitch -1dc*, 4 times repeat until *2dc in the stitch - 1dc*slst.
4 row - then greasping only on one side the  bases  we're working all the way , in every position of the chain - dc.
we put a mark on in the center....  in the center skip 1 and work 1sc, 6 chain , sc, turn back sc for all the chain ....for the next see the video 

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